Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Can RWA Do For You?

I love attending a good writers conference, especially the annual, national RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. I don't write romance, and those who are familiar with my writing will often tilt their head in confusion. So why spend the money it costs to belong to the national organization, plus the expense of the conference, travel, hotel, and drinks in the bar?

Well, you see, I write women's fiction, and there has long been a gray line separating the two genres. The national RWA conference is consistently well organized, and is one of the few conferences I know of that pulls in some of the most respected literary agents like Donald Maass, Steven Axelrod, and Kristin Nelson. Nearly every major publishing house is represented en force by its senior and acquisition editors. These agents and editors participate in various workshop panels, as well as provide feedback during scheduled pitch sessions. At this year's conference in D.C., there were over thirty agents and editors in attendance- agents who not only represent romance and women's fiction, but YA, mystery, sci-fi, and mainstream.

What more can a writer ask for?

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